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29 Dec, 21 | Olive Oil Tasting

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The Olive Oil School of Spain slogan is: knowledge, development and growth.

Knowledge is the first step and the foundation of any company. The foundations to carry out any project must be based on knowledge, that is, training. When we started our training at the Olive Oil School of Spain, it was basically focused on olive oil tasting courses.

From the beginning, the objective was to disseminate the culture of olive oil and training in tasting as the first link in the value chain of the olive sector.



How is it possible to work with a product if I do not know exactly what it is, what its characteristics are, how it behaves, how it evolves,etc. Without this knowledge it is not possible to develop, improve it, much less make it grow.

We started with the courses and classes related to olive oil tasting. For this first step we have:

Students in EVO Tasting course at ESAO. ESAO Image Bank

Students in EVO Tasting course at ESAO. ESAO Image Bank


Secondly, we have all the training related to production, such as:


Thirdly, we offer training related to increasing sales in the olive oil company, this is with growth, and these would be inside the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification:

  • Olive Oil Export and Commercialization Course
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Gastronomy


The normal course of a person interested in starting a business related to olive oil, as well as an olive company that wants to improve the quality in their company would be to start with tasting, continue with production and end with commercialization.

In fact, the recommendation is that if the student is going to dedicate himself professionally to the olive sector his training has to be the highest degree from ESAO, which is the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification.



How can our courses help you?

Our courses will help you in the development of your entire business.

The courses related to tasting will help you:

  • knowing how to recognize the defects and virtues of the virgin olive oil that you are making or want to buy.
  • They will help you to know and describe descriptors and scents.
  • They will help you recognize faulty virgin olive oils.
  • You will get to distinguish the different qualities of an extra virgin olive oil, as well as to detect virgins and lampantes.


In the course you will be able to solve all the doubts you have, around the olive oil tasting, and above all you will awaken all your senses through the organoleptic characteristics of virgin olive oil as well as the work of sensory analysis.

You will have videos and pdf, as well as representative samples to be able to distinguish and work on all the concepts related to tasting.

You will approach the world of olive oil in a professional way and with information that through training you will be able to integrate and will form part of the basis of a good virgin olive oil taster.


Students in course of AOV Tasting at ESAO. ESAO Image Bank

Students in course of AOV Tasting at ESAO. ESAO Image Bank


The courses related to the elaboration, will help you to:

  • Know the olive oil inside.

  • You will know the raw material from which the virgin olive oil comes, this is the olive.

  • Knowing the different varieties of olives and the behavior of each one of them will help us to better understand both the olive grove and the production process.

  • Control the temperatures, times, the addition of water, the olive washes, become aware of the importance of cleaning, knowing how to work in case we have to add water or talc, all this you can study in the course , and above all you can ask either your tutor or the teacher all those questions that you can relate to these points in your work.

  • The master miller course will help us to produce higher quality virgin olive oil. It will improve our processes and if we take advantage of the classes well, we can optimize our mill or cooperative in the best possible way.


Students in the ESAO Master Miller Course. ESAO Image Bank

Students in the ESAO Master Miller Course. ESAO Image Bank


If you want to increase the development or professionalism of your olive-growing company, you must also know the production process, to know if the oil that you produce or buy, is in adequate facilities and with a production process optimal to achieve the quality you desire. If you do not know the production process, you will not be able to choose where do you want to take your olives, or what do you need to ask to your master miller or in which mill or cooperative you want to buy your oil from.

The importance of oil mill maintenance, as well as knowledge of the machinery will help you to solve technical problems, as well as to be able to understand why a decanter works for example. In case of working in an olive oil mill, you will be able to save more than one campaign, if you are able to intervene and make informed decisions based on knowledge.


Students in the ESAO Oil Mill Master Course. ESAO Image Bank

Students in the ESAO Oil Mill Master Course. ESAO Image Bank


The training related to Marketing will help you fundamentally to be able to increase the value of your product. The goal of the sales and marketing area in an olive-growing company is, as in other companies, to increase the income statement.

A good choice of the market or markets where do you want to work and a good sales model will allow you to achieve your goals. If you have good export and marketing training, you can achieve results both faster and more robustly.

In the same way, training will help you to reduce unnecessary expenses that are sometimes derived from the lack of planning and common strategy in companies.


ESAO EVOO Export and Commercialization Course. ESAO Image Bank

ESAO EVOO Export and Commercialization Course (only available in spanish). ESAO Image Bank


Needless to say, the importance of Marketing and Packaging in olive growing companies, and this is achieved through training.  When it comes to know the olive sector and acquiring profitability with it comprehensive global training that closes the entire circuit is the basis for success. It is not possible to want to know about production and not to know about tasting, it is not optimal to want to export and not have knowledge of the different qualities of virgin olive oil, you cannot create a brand if you do not know beforehand what your business model or your target market is.

We close this global training at ESAO with our courses and certifications.

The Olive Oil Sommelier Certification as well as the Master Olive Oil Consultant, aim to give your training a package and a high qualification, which will help you to be a great professional within the sector, especially to the extent that you get involved in your studies.  The maintenance and subsequent experiences will be, together with your training, the ones responsible for achieving a high professional qualification within the olive sector.

One of the most repeated phrases of the Olive Oil School of Spain technical director, Susana Romera, is:

"Training is an investment and in no case is it an expense", and to the extent that this statement enters companies in the olive sector, everything that moves around Virgin Olive Oil will develop.


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