Nutrition Olive Tree: Boron, Zinc and Iron

¿Do you know these three elements that influence in the olive tree nutrition?

The types of olive oil

There is a wide range of olive oil types in the market, as well as some confusion on this issue.

Disease of Olive Tree: Emplomado and Tuberculosis

Emplomado This is a fungal disease whose symptoms and control tecnhiques are similar to repilo.

Mechanical removal

This system is used above all in organic olive groves. The necessary weeding is done to keep herbaceous plants at a minimum.

Common Plagues

Olive gull mite This arthropod can cause harm in young leaves and fruit, but generally it is not severe. In young olive trees this can significantly slow down growth.

10 tips for creating a successful brand for your olive oil

1) A high quality product. Is the first and foremost requirement. This will be the foundation for your successful brand.

Maximize soil infiltration; minimize runoff, erosion and evapotranspiration

Soil is the physical support of the tree, and where it fulfills all its water needs and a large part of mineral nutrients.

Olive oil and breast cancer

Consuming Olive Oil helps to protect women against breast cancer. Olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer up to 68%. According to data from the Predimed study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Disease of Olive Tree: Verticillium Dahliae

This disease is provoked by a fungus that affects the vascular system. It obstructs the vascular bundles that transport sap and gradually causes whole branches to dry out and can even kill the olive tree.

When should olives be harvested to obtain top quality EVOO?

Master Miller at “Cortijo la Torre” José Luis Burgos explains how to know when and how to harvest. Objective: obtaining the highest quality in the extraction of your extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

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Free PDF Download: Introduction to Olive Grove Management