Meet the ESAO Awards: Olive Oil Awards

Olive oil is in fashion, the culture of olive oil is slowly but surely reaching every home in the world.

How our Export and Marketing course helps you export olive oil

One of the ESAO's training courses that has accompanied the School since its inception has been the course on Exportation and Marketing of Virgin Olive Oil (only available in spanish).

Conversations ESAO Guide: Marta González, ESAO Executive Director

Marta González (Madrid, 1977) ten years ago came to the executive management of ESAO, the Olive Oil School of Spain, the training school for the olive sector, with maximum performance and which organizes the ESAO Awards.

Why is important to have trained workers for extra virgin olive oil production?

In the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), one of the main requirements if we want to bet on the quality and success of the oil mill or cooperative is to have workers trained in production, among others. The evolution and development of any sector goes hand in hand with...

Know our olive oil sommelier course for professionals in the sector

We understand olive growing as the set of techniques that are applied to the cultivation of olive trees and other oleaginous plants as well as to the improvement of oil production. When we refer to the olive sector, we refer to all the agents involved in the value chain relative...

Conversations ESAO Guide: Christoph Sippel, Eurofins Analytik GmbH

Christoph Sippel is a State Certified Food Chemist at Eurofins Analytik GmbH laboratory since 2000. He is the deputy panel leader of the IOC recognized olive oil panel of Erofins Analytic (Hanseatic Olive Oil Panel) and is ESAO Alumni.

In ESAO we want to help you get the Olive Oil Sommelier Certification

We are going to start this article by describing what ESAO is and what its purpose is. The Olive Oil School of Spain - ESAO, was born in 2010 with the aim of offering training on the olive oil sector. It was the first highly specialized school in the Olive Oil sector.

How training helps you in the olive oil production process

The olive oil sector is gradually evolving towards a professionalized sector and where more and more training is becoming a requirement without which we see that there is no future.

Why is it important to be an award-winning olive oil?

One of the main questions that ESAO students ask us, whether they are producers or marketers or entrepreneurs, is whether or not it is important that an olive oil is awarded, if the awards are important and to what extent.

Conversations ESAO Guide: María José San Román

María José San Román, chef at the Monastrell restaurant, recognized with a Michelin Star since 2013, shares her relationship with olive oil and tells what it brings to her kitchen.

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