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New benefits of Olive Oil for health

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Become an olive oil expert with our Master Consultant in Olive Oil

Unraveling the Intriguing Defects in Olive Oil: An Exploration of Challenging Aromas

Student undergoing training in the ESAO Olive Oil Sommelier Certification

Unraveling the Intriguing Aromas of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A Unique Sensory Experience

ESAO student working on aroma Hello olive oil enthusiasts!

Olive and Olive Germplasm Bank: Preserving Biodiversity and the Olive Industry

The germplasm bank is an invaluable genetic reserve that seeks to safeguard the biodiversity of these important agricultural species.

5 articles to listen to about the importance of EVOO quality awards

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3 articles to listen to about the commercialization and export of Olive Oil

Listen to this article In our constant quest to provide an even more enriching experience, we are pleased to announce that our articles on Olive Oil Marketing and Exportation are now available in audio format. We understand that everyone has different content consumption...

Olive Oil Production Forecast in Spain 2023/24 Campaign

For the forecast of olive oil production in Spain for the next campaign 23/24, we will take as a reference the reproductive biology of the olive flower buds in Spain, since these figures will be representative in terms of world production of olive oil. it means.

3 articles to listen to about quality EVOO elaboration

Improving the production and quality of your EVOO will increase sales and improve your income statement. Now you can listen to the articles on the ESAO blog where you will find the keys to quality production.

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