Different aspects to take into account in an olive oil tasting

Before starting with the different aspects to take into account in an oil tasting, we will give a brushstroke on the importance of virgin olive oil at the international level. The Mediterranean diet, increasingly implemented worldwide, has helped in the proven path towards the...

Key tips to improve processes in the olive oil sector

Virgin olive oil, as its name indicates in an olive juice, which is obtained by exclusively physical procedures. Its production process is subject to a series of critical points, which, as we work on them, the quality of the final product will be affected. The knowledge and...

How training can help your olive oil business

If you are thinking of having an olive oil related business, or you already have one, the first thing you have to do is know all the idiosyncrasies of this sector since it is a sector full of particularities where many agents come into play throughout the value chain and this...

Free webinar: How to make an oleotourism proposal in a Pandemic

From ESAO we want to pave the way to offer the user a new world of experiences around the oil sector. Today more than ever, oil mills need new qualified professionals, Oil Tourism Experts, who take the reins of this area that brings so many benefits to this Sector.

3 keys to become an olive consultant

The olive oil sector is increasingly professionalized and with a higher business volume. Companies that are usually dedicated to sectors other than olive oil are taking their sights towards the olive oil business. Large business groups are seeing an investment opportunity and a...

How our olive oil courses could help you

The Olive Oil School of Spain slogan is: knowledge, development and growth. Knowledge is the first step and the foundation of any company. The foundations to carry out any project must be based on knowledge, that is, training. When we started our training at the Olive Oil School...

5  Key points of an Oleotourism proposal

Have you considered developing an oleotourism proposal? Not sure where to start? In this post we present the 5 key points to develop and design a successful oil tourism proposal.

How important is the pruning of the olive grove?

The European olea species includes both cultivated olive trees, as well as wild olive trees or wild olive trees. Practically the only difference between the two subspecies, consists of the amount of resources dedicated to the olive; the rest of vital features are almost...

Online olive oil classes for EVOO lovers

Extra virgin olive oil is imposing itself with increasing force in all balanced diets. Thanks to its recognized value as a pillar of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is being the protagonist of the best international cuisines. Increasingly, the quality of olive oil is reaching...

Chemical analysis of Olive Oil

In this post we are going to look at the method and procedures to guarantee the authenticity and quality of extra virgin olive oil: testing.

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