What must be taken into account to start an oil export process?

When we decide to start an olive oil export process, we have to think that it is a procedure that requires not only an economic investment, but also time and strategy. We are going to see a series of steps to take into account and that are basic before starting an export process.

Why is important to have trained staff to detect olive tree plagues?

The early detection of diseases, pests, nutritional disorders and other management problems is undoubtedly the most useful tool and undoubtedly fulfills the classic premise that prevention is better than cure. When damage by biotic agents is detected, it is generally much more...

Difficulties to export olive oil to the United States

We will start by looking at the data on which we have based ourselves to have the United States (USA) as a target within the export of olive oil. The USA has 328.2 million inhabitants (in 2019). The GDP figure in the US is 21.43 trillion dollars (in 2019) with which the United...

What is the organic olive grove?

An ecological olive grove is one in which the management tries to be sustainable and respectful with the environment. Said management will be demonstrable through a certifying company. Synthetic chemicals, such as most phytosanitary products and fertilizers, are not allowed in...

What is the recommended frequency for olive trees irrigation?

The olive tree has a behavior with respect to water very different from that of most crops, since it develops its greatest physiological efforts not in summer, but in spring and autumn.

Why is sensory analysis important when tasting olive oil ?

Different consumer organizations focus on their interventions related to Virgin Olive Oil (VOO). Sometimes they carry out random checks with unsatisfactory results. In one of the last studies that we carried out at ESAO on samples sold in 8 supermarkets and large stores,...

How ESAO can help you selling olive oil

Deciding to embark on the olive sector and specifically the sale of olive oil is not an easy or straightforward path since it is probably the most stressed link in the entire value chain of the olive industry. We cannot consider the sale of oil as an act in itself, but it is...

What diseases can appear on your olive trees?

The incidence of the different diseases and pests of the olive tree that can arise in an olive grove or even in a single individual, depends on the following factors: Variety Microclimate Macroclimate Soil Management

Master Olive Oil Consultant: the olive oil sector from production to selling

The olive oil sector is a sector of extraordinary relevance in countries of the Mediterranean basin, since they are producing countries. However, this relevance is increasing in non-producing or low-production countries. This importance of the olive oil sector is not only from...

What are the most common diseases in olive trees?

Generally, the less extreme the summer and winter temperatures, and the higher the relative humidity throughout the year, the higher the incidence of pests and diseases in the olive grove. The olive grove on the coast tends to have many more pests and diseases than the olive...

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