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09 Mar, 21 | Awards

What is the best olive oil in the world? There is not just one correct answer to this question, and this is the main reason why the Olive Oil School of Spain has created the ESAO Guide.

Find the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the ESAO Guide.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) value is now more recognized by the big audience thanks to its savor, scent, gastronomic qualities, and beauty benefits. There are so many olive oil brands in the market and it might be difficult for consumers to choose what olive oil to buy. Some factors such as the branding, packaging and price might influence consumers’ decisions. But there is no doubt that being awarded with the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the World is a sign that guarantees the quality of an EVOO. This recognition will enhance the commercialization of the awarded brand. However, the institution that organizes the award plays a key role in making this recognition prestigious.

A good way to know whether an olive oil is remarkable or not, is to take into account if the oil has been awarded by one of the best institutions. This an objective way to guarantee olive oils quality.


Awarded EVOO, a quality guarantee 

Knowing which are the best olive oil awards helps us to know which olive oils are excellent. If an olive oil has been awarded, we can consider it a high quality olive oil. Its prestige comes from the award that the olive oil has won since the institutions that organize the awards are very qualified and well-known. 

At the ESAO Awards the olive oils that we take into consideration must follow some parameters and oils that participate must pass two evaluations: a physicochemical analysis and an organoleptic analysis. 

In order to do the physicochemical analysis, the results are analyzed in a laboratory. The acidity grade (which must be less than 0,8), peroxides, waxes, K, ester and other values. In the vast majority of cases, this physicochemical report is used if there is a tie. 

The sensorial analysis is carried out by a Panel of members of the jury that analyze the organoleptic characteristics of the oil. The harmony and the complexity are two parameters that will sum up many points. Any olive oil that show any defect will be dismissed. 


Award to the best Olive Oil of the World

Olive oils are with no doubt a functional food, full of interesting characteristics and flavor. They show a gastronomic potential that few fats have. However, olive oils are still unknown for many people, even though its use should be a matter of public health. At the Olive Oil School of Spain we want to promote the use of olive oils in households all over the world.

In order to help in the selection of the best olive oils of the world we publish once a year a guide in which the best EVOOs are compiled. Our guide is based on the competitions that we have considered the most important. 

The ESAO Guide will help sellers and marketers to make buying decisions. 




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