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20 Feb, 23 | Olive Grove Management

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The quality of extra virgin olive oil begins in the field.

The selection of the best plot in the olive grove, the optimum moment to harvest the olive and the limiting factors of the olive grove will determine the quality of the final product.

Producing quality olive oil is not an easy task, costs are high and that is why training is the best tool to obtain a quality product with the best guarantee.


The content of the Olive Grove Management and Pruning module within the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification is based on a combination of theoretical foundations with a practical approach so that students can apply the contents in their olive groves.

We have the experience of great professionals in the sector with a long history and recognized training. Technicians with more than 20 years of experience behind them advising farmers and companies related to the olive grove.


Online Campus

The online olive grove management and pruning module takes place on the ESAO online campus, a platform where our students have access to content.

In the student panel, first of all you will meet both your tutor, an agronomist and your teacher, a field technician specialized in olive growing. The entire course is divided by subjects into properly differentiated chapters. Each chapter consists of a theoretical part as well as a practical part and ends with its corresponding exam. The exam is focused so that you and your tutor can check if you are getting the most out of the course. In this way, your knowledge can be evaluated as well as your progress can be seen. In addition, we have discussion forums where our students comment on different topics related to the olive oil sector.

One of the tools that will give you the most support is being able to count on your online tutor, that is, it is not a static platform where we simply post content, but throughout your training you have your tutor who worries that students solve any doubt they may have.

The ESAO Campus tutor is an agronomist and maintains direct contact with each student of you through the course in which you enroll. Our main objective is that our students have an integral, safe and pleasant learning experience, since in this way the contents that are studied will have a marked educational component.

The olive grove management module covers topics such as: soil management, pruning, nutrition and health, ecological olive grove, trellised olive grove, plant cover for which olive grove management is addressed In a global form.

The diseases and pests of the olive grove that determine both the quality of the oil, as well as the limiting factors of production, are treated, always in search of maximum profitability for your olive grove. With the content of Management and Pruning of the olive grove we want our students to obtain the keys to achieve a healthy and productive olive grove.

One of the tools most valued by the students of the course is the individual tutorial session. The tutorial session will be carried out together with the technical teacher of recognized experience, who will be with your tutor through a video call. In this way, the three of you will meet alone and you will be able to comment on all the particular questions regarding your olive grove or the course, as well as answer your questions and share and comment on your projects in the olive sector with ESAO's specialized staff. This important tutorial session will be scheduled and scheduled according to your availability, and with enough time so that you can prepare it and make the most of it.

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The objective of the Olive Grove Management module is to provide the student with the necessary tools to know an olive grove, become professional and in this way achieve the maximum profitability of their olive grove and the maximum production in their olive trees.

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