10 tips for creating a successful olive oil brand

10 Sep, 19 | Commerce and Exports

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Here are the ESAO's 10 tips for creating a successful olive oil brand for the olive oil market.

1. A high quality product

Is the first and foremost requirement. This will be the foundation for your successful brand.


2. Distinctive value

Your product, and business as well, must have distinctive value, that is clearly understood, and easy to explain to the consumer through your story. Make sure this value is well-communicated both to your clients and to the general market.


3. Qualified human resources, financial investment and time

To create a brand you will need qualified human resources, financial investment and time, among other things. it is a medium and long-range undertaking that requires constant vigilance.


4. Register your brand

50% of your success will depend on choosing an appropriate name for your brand and products, so consider this point seriously. Register your brand with the patent and trademark office, and register your internet domain name (if possible use .com) if your brand will have a website or an online shop in the future.


5. Hire a professional

Hire a professional who has proven experience in your particular sector and a good eye for brand design and packaging; someone who has the ability to work with you to create a business and brand strategy to help guarantee your successful entry into national and international markets.


6. Create the brand

Do not make the mistake of thinking that creating a brand means designing a logo and printing it out on stickers: creating a brand is a complex process that involves the business itself, its partners, clients, brand specifiers, market, communication media, etc.


7. Identify and segment your customers and markets 

In line with the profile of your products, quality, price, etc. Your brand cannot satisfy all markets and consumers – it is necessary to position it in terms of what your clients´interests are.


8. Your brand is an asset 

Your brand is an asset for your company so you must protect it and invest in it. it is a source of income for you; it creates wealth, prestige, reputation – intangible but important values that support your brand.


9. Design products that the market wants

Keep in mind this golden rule: “You don’t sell what you make. You make what you sell.” We have left behind a supply market and are now in a demand market.


10. Seduce your clients through your brand

Which should be able to transmit emotions and feelings (80% of our decisions are based on emotions). It should be WELL-DESIGNED and bring added value that competitors lack. Keep in mind that “People consume products but they buy brands”; and “Businesses make products but they sell brands.”


FRANCISCO TORNOS - Consultant for Brand and Package Design for Olive Oil – Collaborator of the Olive Oil School of Spain.

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