3 Keys to improve sales and the price of your olive oil

02 Oct, 18 | Commerce and Exports

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One of the main mistakes that olive oil companies make is to think that to increase sales it is necessary to lower prices. This strategy of lowering prices would only be useful when our brand of olive oil or product is exactly the same as that of our competition and therefore the only benefit for the consumer is to get a product at the lowest price. Identical product at a better price increases sales. But in the case of Virgin Olive Oil we are talking about a natural product, an olive juice and therefore unique in each season. Therefore, we can differentiate ourselves from our competition and find values that make our oil a unique brand.

In this article we want to share with you 3 keys that will make your oil brand stand out and increase the benefits. These 3 points may seem like common sense or logical to you but you would be surprised to know the number of bottled olive oil companies that have not stopped to think about just one of these 3 points that are fundamental pillars to build a successful brand.


Find your ideal client

Many times we find it difficult to find our ideal target audience and in most cases the answer is "I want to sell my oil to anyone in the world", "I don't want to limit myself to a specific group of people"

But the reality is that we need to find the right people who will love our product and are willing to pay for it. We cannot try to charm everyone because our communication must be focused on making a specific group of people fall in love. Later, it may be that our brand becomes something that many more people accept and value positively.

For example, the early years of Apple and until the launch of the first iPod, Apple was completely focused on people who love design, professionals in the graphic arts, video, etc. At that time their approach was to be different, so they created their first group of "fans" for the brand and from there they built their new, more global niche, with products that everyone loves like the iPhone.


Create a brand

Creating a brand is much more than making a nice drawing with the name of our oil mill. The logo of our brand must express by its name, its shapes, its color and ultimately, thanks to its graphic image, what we want to convey and that this message is appropriate for the target audience that we have defined in the previous point.

Having a corporate image is not the same if we want to sell to one consumer than to another, whether we are talking about different ages or from different countries. But a brand is not just a logo, a brand is built on the basis of many inputs that the consumer receives from us. For example, the packaging of our products, the advertising we do, the vocabulary we use in our communication and much more.

Everything communicates and with that premise we must always work to build a successful brand.



Sell experiences and not liters of oil

Once the previous steps have been completed, there is still a lot to do, having a beautiful packaging or a good logo will not make us sell much more. Of course it will help but another of the pillars will be in the differentiation and in how the consumer PERCEIVES our brand.  We must communicate the values ​​that make us unique, it could be the way we collect olives, the artisan way of producing the oil, the age of our mill, consumers like stories.

On the other hand, instead of focusing our advertising on the basis of price per liter as is commonly done in the sale of oil in bulk, we must focus on making the consumer feel something unique.

Make you feel that when you consume our oil your health will improve or you will feel in an idyllic landscape of olive trees, enjoying a beautiful sunset. There are very good examples such as Coca-Cola and its happiness advertisements, which have little to do with the characteristics of the product but a lot to do with the experience of consuming it.


Also worth mentioning are the Casa Tarradellas campaigns, which always take place in a rural environment, a typical Catalan farmhouse but sharing the experience in a family and healthy environment.

The message par excellence in the differentiation of a product has been carried out by the coffee company Nespresso, which has known how to "sell a simple coffee" at a higher price than the rest due to its commitment to differentiation.

These types of ads are selling an experience, a way of consuming the product that has little to do with its characteristics and that is precisely where the competition cannot match itself because each brand builds its DNA over time and constant communication, representing certain values.

We can talk about similar products but the perception of the consumer when buying or consuming those products is completely different.

As a conclusion, we would say that these 3 keys, well developed and well integrated into the business model of an olive oil company, whether it is virgin or extra virgin, can relaunch a brand and increase the value of its virgin olive oils, managing to increase income even while maintaining the same sales volume.

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