5  Key points of an Oleotourism proposal

20 Dec, 21 | Oleotourism

Have you considered developing an oleotourism proposal? Not sure where to start? In this post we present the 5 key points to develop and design a successful oil tourism proposal.

1. Analysis of tourism supply and demand and own resources

Knowing what is offered in the area where we are going to develop the activity is essential, not only at the level of oleo tourism, but tourism in general. In addition, investigating the type of tourist that is already being attracted will make it easier for us to define the public and the activities that we are going to develop. Do not forget to analyze with what resources, both tangible (buildings, olive groves, implements …) and intangible (history, experience, innovative processes) you have in your company, in order to design an interesting and unique oil tourism offer.


2. Selection of the target audience and definition of the value proposition

We must select the audience we want to address, know their consumption habits, their tastes, their expectations, where they look for information, how they buy... The more information we have about this audience, the better we can design the activities that satisfy their needs and the less effort we will have. what to do to reach them. When defining the value proposition, we will do so taking into account what your mill or cooperative contributes that is of maximum interest to this chosen segment.


3. Definition of the 4p: product, distribution, price and promotion

Once the value proposition is clear, we define the product (visit to the facilities, oil tastings), the distribution channels (where to sell), the price (calculate the costs as well) and the communication (messages, image ...) Based on your target audience, don't forget that you must add value and exceed their expectations.


4. Define oleo tourism team: profiles and tasks and organization chart.

It is time to stop and think about which people are going to be part of the oleo tourism team. As we have already defined all the parameters of the activity, it should not be difficult to describe through the tasks to be performed, the profiles that are needed.


5. Planning quantitative and qualitative objectives and monitoring.

To achieve success, and above all define what success is, we must set quantitative objectives (turnover and number of visitors) and to achieve them we will design a marketing plan. Of course you have to follow up and make adjustments if necessary.





For this reason, we need new qualified professionals, Oil Tourism Experts, who take the reins of this area that brings so many benefits to this Sector.

You can view in this link the webinar that we carry out, delving into the advantages of developing oleo tourism in your oil mill or cooperative.

 webinar "How to make an oil tourism proposal even in a Pandemic"



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