Why bet on oleotourism?

26 Nov, 20 | Oleotourism

Oleotourism provides undeniable benefits for olive oil mills and cooperatives that are committed to quality.

It is a movement that is growing more and more strongly around the variety of tourist activities related to the production of olive oil, whose objective is to publicize the main characteristics and production processes of this product. Therefore, it is an added value to traditional tourism, betting on rural, ecological or gastronomic environments.


Oleotourism is a type of tourism in itself, and its main characteristic involves life experiences linked to the culture of the olive tree, its environment and the food culture based on it. It can include guided tours, accommodation with typical architecture within the olive grove, restaurants, walks, relaxation and shopping, or beauty treatments with this product. The development of the olive sector and the dissemination of the oil culture have been defined as one of its objectives, with a background of rural and ecological tourism.

Until now there has been a growing demand due to the interest of tourists in doing experimental tourism, which allows them to learn more about a product.

In this infographic we give you an overview of the main benefits of offering the user a new world of experiences around the Olive Oil Sector and the resources associated with the olive grove. 

infografía oleo tourism benefits


The concept of oleotourism is now a new niche in the tourism sector because it has a series of aspects that clearly separate it from other fields. To strengthen this new niche in the tourism market, the development of strategies is necessary for the creation of tourism products with singularities, attractions and improvements in online distribution.

For this reason, we need new qualified professionals, Oil Tourism Experts, who take the reins of this area that brings so many benefits to this Sector.

In our webinar "How to make an oil tourism proposal even in a Pandemic" we delve into the advantages of developing oil tourism in an oil mill or cooperative.

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