Free webinar: How to make an oleotourism proposal in a Pandemic

03 Jan, 22 | Oleotourism

From ESAO we want to pave the way to offer the user a new world of experiences around the oil sector. Today more than ever, oil mills need new qualified professionals, Oil Tourism Experts, who take the reins of this area that brings so many benefits to this Sector.

"Now is the time to sit down to reflect, plan and structure innovative strategies that differentiate and add value to EVOO brands"

Noemí González


Free Webinar "How to make an oil tourism proposal even in a pandemic" organized by ESAO on olive oil tourism as a value in an oil mill or cooperative. 

In the following video you can view the full webinar:


In the webinar we have the experience of Noemí González, a graduate in Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University of Madrid and the City University Business School of London.

He created and directed the Wine Tourism department of the Eguizábal Group: Bodegas Paternina (until its sale in 2015), Bodegas Franco-Españolas, Bodegas Valparaíso and Bodegas Díez-Mérito (until its sale in 2016). He understood the main competitive advantages of the different wineries, turning them into value propositions for the different target audiences. He managed to improve their image and obtain additional income with excellent financial results.

In 2013 she was recognized with the Best Of Wine Tourism Award, the year from which she began to come into contact with the world of olive oil and began to participate as a speaker in the ESAO Olive Oil Export and Marketing course.

Extrapolating the world of wine to that of oil, he has turned all his experience and learning into the oleoturism key points and proposing the steps to follow to design a successful oleotourism offer.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be able to approach the oleotourism of your company with an expert in the field. Differentiate yourself.


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