ESAO Guide of the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) of the World

12 Feb, 21 | Awards

The ESAO Guide of the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) of the World relies on the collaboration of specialists of the olive oil sector, such as specialized chefs and professionals-


The ESAO Guide belongs to the Olive Oil School of Spain’s program aiming at improving the quality and promotion of Extra Virgin Olive Oils. It is being developed by ESAO, the Olive Oil School of Spain.


The main purpose of this publication is to create a useful, simple and handy guide where the best EVOOs awarded in the three most important competitions will be compiled. The ESAO Guide is the first guide that compiles Extra Virgin Olive Oils awarded in the most well-known competitions.


Premios Mario Solinas

Mario Solinas Awards


Premios Ministerio de Agricultura

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture

These are the EVOOs awarded by the Mario Solinas Award from the International Olive Council, the Alimentos de España Award organized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture as well as the winners and finalists at the ESAO Awards.


esao awards
ESAO Awards


In order to create the ESAO Guide, a group of work was created. This group of professionals have tested and selected the contents of this guide using a collaborative methodology.


Through both ESAO website and Online Campus, we develop educational initiatives, inform and promote the culture of Extra Virgin Olive Oils. We want people to comprehend the culture around olive oil, very rooted and valued in the Mediterranean diet.


This guide is mostly designed for dealers, retailers and final consumers. Our executive director, Marta González, has argued that the ESAO Guide ¨is a tool that retailers and dealers from all over the world have been asking for. Since most of our international alumni are either retailers or dealers, and we are in constant contact with them, we know this guide was much desired¨.

ESAO GUIDE Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils 2020/21

ESAO GUIDE Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils 2020/21


We reaffirm that the ESAO Guide compiles the results from the three most important competitions in the olive oil sector. Moreover, the ESAO Guide will include a section named ¨ESTRELLA ESAO¨. This award will be given to those olive oils that obtain an award in the first three positions at least in two of the three competitions previously mentioned.


For this reason, the ESAO guide of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the world will include the best olive oil companies, and will be an updated and reliable source. 

olive oil distributor

The guide is a starting point for improving the distribution and marketing channels of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils. It is also considered a basic tool for professionals in the sector to promote their product and to raise awareness among final consumers.  


Furthermore, the ESAO Guide includes several interviews with well-known professionals in the sector. We will get to know their point of view regarding the current situation of the olive oil sector, the quality of extra virgin olive oils and its future. The interviewees also share their personal experiences and anecdotes.


All the interviewees have highlighted the importance of following their education and supporting the quality and professionalization of the olive oil sector.


Finally, we also want to recognize the labor of producers, cooperatives and marketers, that elaborate premium quality olive oils. They are the main characters of this guide, because this would have not been possible without their work.


The ESAO Guide 2020/2021 will be available at ESAO website


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