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13 Dec, 21 | Olive Oil Tasting

Extra virgin olive oil is imposing itself with increasing force in all balanced diets. Thanks to its recognized value as a pillar of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is being the protagonist of the best international cuisines. Increasingly, the quality of olive oil is reaching the end consumer.

At ESAO we see how online olive oil classes for lovers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) are increasingly in demand.

We find that when a person buys and gets used to consuming and using high quality extra virgin olive oil, he no longer wants other oils, and is able to recognize it among many other fats.

Extra virgin olive oil is full of qualities, organoleptic sensations, sensory characteristics that convey emotions. These emotions are what make the consumer of high quality extra virgin olive oils loyal.

Nowadays, experiences and emotions are dominating the menus and menus of the great restaurants. These experiences are undoubtedly accompanied by the raw material that is used, and there is no doubt that quality extra virgin olive oil is a raw material that becomes essential in any recognized restaurant, both for its sensory characteristics and for its chemical analyzes that make it one of the healthiest fats in the world. All this makes for true lovers of extra virgin olive oil.

At ESAO, we want to reach out to all olive oil lovers to help them train and experience everything they want in terms of olive oil. That is why the online courses and classes on olive oil for EVOO lovers within the Virtual Campus are a great learning opportunity in olive oil tasting.

Some people have soccer as a hobby, others tennis, others Formula 1 and thus an endless number of options where to invest your time. For all those who have chosen healthy food as a hobby and especially the pleasure of good food, as part of their lifestyle, we have the olive oil tasting course on the ESAO Online Campus, where they will see, among other subjects :

  • Different qualities of olive oils
  • Aromas and descriptors of olive oils
  • Different varieties of olive oils.
  • How to taste an olive oil
  • What is the protocol for the organoleptic evaluation of an olive oil
  • What defects we find in olive oils
  • Olive oil in gastronomy
  • How olive oils are made.

aceitunas en rama

You have all this at your disposal in the tasting course.

With the Tasting course, you receive at the address that you provide us with a whole tasting pack with everything you need to become an olive oil taster. You will have materials like.

  • Official tasting glasses
  • Olive oil dispenser
  • Sensory sheets, official ESAO
  • High quality extra virgin olive oil samples
  • Samples of defects or anomalies in virgin olive oils.



It is a course that aims for EVOO lovers to solidly learn the concepts of virgin olive oil and the art of tasting. Virgin olive oil, despite being one of the healthiest fats that exists, is not the most consumed fat, and this must be everyone's responsibility.

Starting to use olive oil, both in tastings and elaborations, is an interesting way to follow, and above all a way to differentiate yourself and surprise your guests. You have to learn to use olive oil in gastronomy, but not only in the reduced concept of haute cuisine, but in the broader concept.

Virgin olive oil is an excellent oil to also use in frying, roasts, pastries, etc. It is a versatile raw material and an excellent transporter of aromas and flavors, it is a healthy raw material, optimal for cooking at the end and after.


elaboración con aceite de oliva virgen


When we learn to cook with virgin olive oil, and we become aware, in addition to what it gives us in palatability or aromas, and also in health, we become fully aware of how important its use is, at the same time that we begin to learn to displace to the rest of unhealthy fats that do not provide us with anything sensory.

  • You have to learn to make muffins with virgin olive oil
  • You have to make the roasts with virgin olive oil
  • You have to fry in virgin olive oil
  • You have to have breakfast on toast with virgin olive oil
  • The doughs taste much better with virgin olive oil
  • And so an endless number of recipes that will give us health and flavor.

elaboraciones con aceite de oliva virgen

Remember that virgin olive oil is an olive juice and does not have any chemical refining process. This makes its antioxidant properties and vitamins remain unchanged.

All this makes the online olive oil tasting course a doubly attractive hobby, at the same time that you use your investments in something that you like and enjoy, you are contributing health and well-being to your life. 

The online classes of virgin olive oil for EVOO lovers, are therefore a reality.

An opportunity that you can make effective at any time, since the schedule is organized by you, you can study and experiment from the address you indicate, and you can do it at your own pace. We provide you with what is necessary so that your culture about the tasting of virgin olive oil grows, and that you know how to differentiate the qualities of olive oil with which we find ourselves.



You will be surprised seeing the amount of nuances that you can find in the oil samples that we send you and we will help you interpret the different notes as well as their pairing with other foods. In this way you will get closer to being a virgin olive oil taster.

Welcome to the wonderful world of extra virgin olive oil!


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