When should olives be harvested to obtain top quality EVOO?

Master Miller at “Cortijo la Torre” José Luis Burgos explains how to know when and how to harvest. Objective: obtaining the highest quality in the extraction of your extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

Organic olive groves

Organic farming aims to produce while respecting the environment to the highest degree, without using synthetic products.

Repilo (Fusicladium oleagineum) Olive leaf spot: disease of olive trees

This is the main fungal disease in olive groves. The annual costs for controlling it are quite high, at least in areas of medium to high relative humidity.

Weeds and wood

The consequences of weeds and wood in the production of the olive tree can be explained in the following way: in spring, our parcel of land is able to produce a certain quantity of plant biomass.

Tools for regulating the quantity and quality of the harvest

With pruning, we reduce the quantity of wood in the crown, improve ventilation and sun exposure to the shoots, and when a large harvest is expected, it regulates production and thus minimizes the biennial (alternate bearing years) effect.

Main limiting factors in olive production

The fruit of the olive tree is a heavy consumer of nutrients, therefore it is necessary to have a good supply of nutrients and good mineral and organic reserves in order to provide the necessary substances for the olives to properly develop.

The olive tree as perennial Mediterranean woody plant

For almost their entire life cycle, annual plants take in nutrients from the soil through their roots. These nutrients are needed in the above-ground area for plant growth. Then, during the last moments of life, they recycle the nutrients accumulated in the plant tissue and...

The olive tree as domesticated plant

Already in the Paleolithic era in the Mediterranean basin, the fruit of wild olive trees was collected and the oil was extracted using rudimentary means. The olives were very small and had little oil content.

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Free PDF Download: Introduction to Olive Grove Management