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09 May, 22 | Olive Oil Consultant

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Deciding to embark on the olive sector and specifically the sale of olive oil is not an easy or straightforward path since it is probably the most stressed link in the entire value chain of the olive industry.

We cannot consider the sale of oil as an act in itself, but it is closely related to the first links or phases of the olive industry.

In the first contact that ESAO has with the student, it insists on the importance of respecting the natural process until reaching the sale, and this is: knowledge, improvement and growth.

This means that only through knowledge of the product you want to sell, in our case olive oil, can you analyze, develop your product, analyze your competitors, and in this way, you will face the sale with greater guarantees of success.

In the olive oil sector, there are many who approach ESAO, wanting to go directly to the third phase, without having previously gone through the first two, and little by little they understand that it is important to be fully aware of the product that is being used. are you going to sell and what is your place in the olive oil market.

The help that ESAO can offer to your olive oil business is, without a doubt, a valuable tool, since it will be the one that determines whether it is a professional olive oil sales project or business.



Being aware of which olive oil you want to sell, its potentialities and its weaknesses is the first step. It is vitally important to know what quality you are talking about and with what quality or qualities you are going to face in your relationship with the sale of olive oil.

This point is totally independent of whether you are a producer, cooperative, if you have an oil library or want to focus your store on the sale of oils, if you are a packer, broker, advisor or olive consultant, or if you are an heir to an olive grove that has just landed in the sector. It is also possible that you are a person interested in the sector and that you have not yet defined your strategy. Whatever your situation, the first step is common to all.

Knowing which olive oil is classified and what quality it has will be our objective in this part of the sales process. This step is carried out among other things through:

  • Introductory Course to Virgin Olive Oil Tasting
  • Professional Tasting Course of Virgin Olive Oil
  • MACA, Annual Maintenance in Oil Tasting
  • Sensory cards by the independent panel of tasting


Export and commercialization

Once you know and know your product, we put at your disposal great professionals in the commercialization and exportation of olive oil. Both owners of renowned brands, as well as experts in certain markets.

In this stage of reflection and study of marketing, we will give you the opportunity to prepare and formulate your specific needs so that the expert selected by ESAO can advise you, according to your particular and specific situation.


ESAO Awards

Quality labels as well as awards are powerful tools for selling.

The end consumer needs to be confident that the choice they are going to make when buying oil is correct. This is why if the olive oil that you sell has its quality endorsed by external entities, it will give it a plus of confidence.

The ESAO Awards in support of Superior Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil are part of the most important guide in terms of quality in olive oil since they include the winners of the Mario Solinas awards from the International Olive Council and the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain.

The ESAO Guide aims to be a reference for distributors and importers in the purchase of olive oil. The online format of the guide facilitates its dissemination and the global reach it has, so that anyone in any part of the world can access the olive oils that are presented for the awards, whether they are winners, second or third places , as well as the finalists. In this way, it is intended to provide coverage and expand the umbrella so that quality extra virgin olive oils reach all possible olive oil buyers.

This oil sales tool is in both English and Spanish.

On the other hand, you will receive an award seal, which you can put on your entire corporate image and on your website, and in this way you can communicate the quality of your oil at a glance, and this will help sell olive oil from in question.


Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification

We are talking about a sector where competition is tough and where professionalization distinguishes one company from another.

Knowing the entire value chain of the sector and being trained in each of the subjects that are part of the olive oil industry will distinguish you from many other companies and brands that embark on the olive oil adventure without reflection or prior training. 



WhatsApp Alumni Group

A tool that ESAO has and that has great value for students is the WhatsApp group that is being formed with all the professionals who are being trained at the School. In this way, the group is made up of both producers and marketers. Olive oil sales sometimes occur from a marketer to a producer and sometimes occur between producers.

This tool makes it possible to facilitate both packaging suppliers, last minute legislative regulations on labeling, etc. It is a group where everyone's experience enriches each one separately.

You will voluntarily join the group, depending on your language, being English or Spanish the languages in which the groups are divided.


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