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26 Feb, 21 | Olive Oil Mill

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During the ESAO Master Miller training inside the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification, we will reveal the keys to becoming a good Master Miller.

When we speak of a good Master Miller, we refer to a master who works towards the quality of his oil. We do not question those masters who work in qualities other than outstanding extra virgin olive oil. We know that on many occasions, the master miller does want to work in quality, but his company does not bet on this model and prefers to work in lower qualities.

The classes will stand out above all for their didactic and participatory nature. You will have a tutor who will be at your disposal for all those questions that are not resolved in the chapters. The importance of a good Master Miller in the entire production process of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is clear. This is the Chef of extra virgin olive oil. The Master Miller is ultimately the author of the product.

We are going to see the 6 minimum characteristics that a Master Miller  who wants to make the highest quality must have.


1. According to all the prestigious Masters Millers who participate in ESAO and where absolutely all agree is in the Tasting.

"Tasting a lot is the most important thing for an oil mill master" - "It is essential to taste all possible oils, know and compare to be able to produce quality oils"

But a good Master Miller  should not focus only on tasting.


master miller olive oil tasting


2. It is important that a Master Miller has the ability to solve problems in a very short time.

The responsibility of a Master Miller is high, different batches  and lots at the beginning of the season depend on him on many occasions, lots with a high value. For this reason, he must know how to make decisions at critical moments.


3. A  Master Miller  must have good and fluid communication with the oil mills in the area.

During the season the problems that arise are frequent, and sometimes it is a simple replacement. If your relationship is good with nearby olive mills and cooperatives, at any given moment you can ask them for help with a spare part and at other times you will be the one to provide it.


4. The Master Miller must be informed about the sales. Depending on the destination of the oils, the production, classification and even the filtration of the oils may vary.

In general, communication with the entire team of an oil mill or cooperative is important, but without a doubt, the Master Miller  must be one of the main experts. 

ESAO students onsite master miller course


5. The Master has to be careful and meticulous with cleaning.

The importance of cleaning in general to obtain good olive oil is sometimes the key to a brand's success. He must be able to take responsibility that the machinery and the oil mill are in perfect condition. Taking responsibility sometimes involves requesting a person exclusively for cleaning, or agreeing on specific cleaning shifts or supervising that the cleaning is correct.

"A good Master Miller must be obsessed with cleaning"

very clean olive oil mill


5. The Master Miller  must have a minimum knowledge of mechanics, electricity and, if possible, as a welder.

Sometimes the breakdowns are easy to solve, and with a simple welding, you can continue your work until the specialized technicians arrive, etc. These details will facilitate the proper functioning during the campaign.

The Master miller training on the ESAO Campus, has a series of chapters focused on the elaboration towards the quality of the aoves. These chapters have theory, videos and small exercises where you can check your learning.

You will have an individualized tutorial session where you will be with a renowned Master Miller and to whom you will be able to ask all the questions that help to improve your elaboration process. There will be a presentation by a great Master Miller, where you will be live with the rest of your colleagues. At the end of the presentation, you will have a round table that will serve to share opinions and experiences, as well as to create synergies between the rest of your colleagues.

And, as we have said before  accompanied by a tutor who will be with  you throughout the course. We hope to have been helpful in the complex world of production managers and Master Millers.

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