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28 Feb, 22 | Olive Oil Mill

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The Online Campus of Olive Oil School of Spain (ESAO), already has all its training in online format. The Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification is one of the trainings with great demand and acceptance.

We had experience in distance training, with the online tasting course, active since 2015. However, there is no doubt that with the limitations derived from the state of alarm, we were driven to proceed in a comprehensive manner to the conversion of all the Olive Oil School of Spain face-to-face training into online training.

The master miller has been able to adapt perfectly to this training modality, seeing the great advantages in this course, such as:

  • It applies the possibilities of access to training for teachers who cannot attend face-to-face training.
  • Time flexibility, so important for oil mill masters.
  • Ease of access without travel with the consequent economic and time savings.
  • Wide range of studies you have the possibility of expanding your training with the olive mill maintenance course or tasting.
  • Personalized training, with a tutor who will accompany you during your stay on campus online.
  • Permanent content update.
  • Variety of formats, you have both videos, such as pdf, and presentations.
  • It introduces the user to the new information and communication technologies, this point is so important for the olive sector.
  • Anonymity, in case you do not want to be identified by the rest of your colleagues.

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The production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one more subject, which has managed to fit into the online campus in an extraordinary way.

In the master miller course, you will learn, among other things, to follow the steps to achieve the highest quality within your production process, whether you are in a private mill or if you are in a cooperative.

On the other hand, if you do not have an oil mill or cooperative, you will know how to work in the production process to achieve the highest quality, and, in this way, you will be able to assess the oil mills that you have around you, either for them to elaborate your olive oil, or to decide where to buy your oil.

Of course, if you do not know the critical points of an oil mill to produce quality, you will not be able to decide with solid criteria.

In the master miller course inside the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification you will learn to:

  •  Know the basic criteria to maintain a healthy olive grove.
  •  What is it and how do you work to reach the optimum harvesting time.
  • What critical points we find in an oil mill to be able to work with the highest quality.
  • Know the different varieties of olives.
  • Recognize the basic requirements without which it will be difficult and expensive to produce in quality.
  • You will know the production process in each of the olive machinery that intervenes in the process, and the objective of each one of them.
  • How to optimize your oil mill in the best possible way so that quality is profitable for you.
  • You will have the key points in the elaboration of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.


It is especially important, the part of the course, where the optimization of an oil mill or cooperative is studied. In fact, we wanted to grant you a whole block at this point, from the hand of one of the greatest experts in oil mill optimization, with extensive experience in the olive oil sector.

Sometimes large investments are not necessary to achieve a good production of virgin olive oil. By making certain corrections, changing routine habits, understanding the processes, working with the human teams of the oil mills, we see how the manufacture of virgin olive oil can be improved without having to change all the machinery, for example. 

Most of the time, it is about details that we do not know or that we do not give too much importance to, and we fall into routines that do not make it easy for us to approach the highest quality. Sometimes these are modifications to equipment or workforce.

The fact that quality begins in the field, is already well known by everyone, having notions about the influence of the climate and the soil for example, we will see how it can help make the olive grove profitable. In the same way, knowing the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect the olive grove and knowing which ones I can or cannot intervene in, is of great importance to do the job effectively.

In the master miller course, you will have a tutor throughout your training who will be with you while you remain on the online campus, will guide you and resolve any questions that may arise. The tutor will analyze your situation and offer you the best professional that suits your personal situation for the individualized tutorial session.


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One of the most interesting tools of your master miller course with the Olive Oil School of Spain are the tutorial sessions with a master miller expert in what you need.

Once you have completed your course, and studied all the subjects, you will be able to specifically state your specific needs.All those questions that have not been resolved or that you wish to corroborate with the master miller that best suits your needs, will be fully explained in a personal way with you. In this way, you will be able to finish off all the notions that will help you to elaborate with the highest quality criteria.

The criteria for selecting the expert Master millers that we have at Olive Oil School of Spain are:

  • Masters with extensive experience in production behind large EVOO brands, recognized and of great prestige in the olive sector.
  • Teachers who bet on quality in a convincing and not imposed way.
  • Teachers with the ability to transmit their knowledge in a flat and understandable way for any professional in the olive sector, avoiding technicalities.
  • Brave teachers, willing to share their experience and knowledge without any type of obstacle or limitation.
  • Teachers who care about extra virgin olive oil and who want to promote the development of the olive sector. 

Regardless of these criteria, at the end of your course, and together with your tutor, you will decide which is the master miller, ESAO professor, which is best suited to your specific needs. For example, it is not the same to work in a large cooperative where the master millers have some problems, than to work in a small oil mill where perhaps the problems are others, and, in this way, it will be more convenient to facilitate the tutorial with a teacher or another.


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