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03 Mar, 21 | Olive Oil Mill

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The change in today's society, from a face-to-face training system to an online system, is undoubtedly one of the great social changes that have occurred. Traditionally, Olive Oil Master Miller courses have been face-to-face courses. The agri-food sector is one of the sectors, which, although it is a leading sector in technology and development, is a sector where face-to-face training has always been the protagonist.

The momentum of online training has exceeded all expectations. We have realized that an online master miller course is possible, with high quality and optimal results. Learning occurs, and in some cases exceeds the face-to-face system.

We are going to see why the master miller training inside the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification will be online and why they are the best option.

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1. Distance learning is here to stay.

The health problem of COVID-19 has left us with an unprecedented scenario, not only at the national or local level but also at the global level. The face-to-face training, when becoming a handicap, has become a post-online training position. The evaluations of the online students are good, masters learn and see that this learning system is a good tool for training.


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2. ESAO continuously evolves and develops its Campus Online

During the 2020 confinement, at ESAO we already had our online training  set up for more than 6 years. This means that we have great experience. The Campus develops continuously, including new content whenever the technical team considers it appropriate. This development sometimes comes from the students, who through their tutor proposes new content. It is a living Campus, where there is a constant update of content. As always, we have great master millers as teachers, with personalized attention.


3. We have proven that online training is a great methodology for training.

We have found that online training is a great tool. You have all the contents ordered by subjects and duly structured, it allows the reconciliation of personal and work life, sometimes avoids transfers that are not necessary, the student has a tutor throughout their stay, etc. Studying online does not mean that you are alone, you have group sessions with other master millers and you have forums where you can interact with other colleagues. Without a doubt, there will be more and more master millers who choose the online option in their training.


4. Online master miller training is more affordable economically

One of the great advantages of the online training is that you save a significant expense on diets and accommodation. Whether we like it or not, face-to-face training requires some transfers, and sometimes we will have to spend the night away from home.

Without a doubt, the Master Olive Oil Consultant Certification does not have these expenses, which means that you can take more courses if necessary.


5. The flexible hours of the online master miller course, one of the great advantages.

One of the most repeated phrases in today's society is "I don't have time". The online training system allows us to take the course at the time that best suits us. It helps us to combine work, family and studies, and this is a great advantage. We put aside rigid schedules, compulsory attendance, which sometimes even prevents us from obtaining a degree or diploma.


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