Why export extra virgin olive oil to the US?

09 Aug, 19 | Commerce and Exports

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The US is one of the priority markets for the commercialization of Olive Oil. Sometimes, we think about the complications that can arise when exporting extra virgin olive oil to the US since it is a demanding market, which has a number of peculiarities. However, it is possible and, as will be seen throughout this article, it can be very interesting to consider export training to the American continent.

First, we must ensure that we fully comply with the requirements established by the American Government.

In this case, with the FDA and EPA. In return, we will access a market of more than 325 million people, where the equivalent of the Spanish population consumes Extra Virgin Olive Oil and which, in addition to assessing the quality of the product, is able to bear the cost of it.


Nine Reasons to sell Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the US

The following data will provide us with information to give us a better idea of the US  market:

  • The consumption of EVOO in the USA according to the IOC in the 2016/17 campaign was 316,758 tons, which is roughly equivalent to the joint consumption of Germany, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and China.
  • The population of the United States amounts to more than 325 million people.
  • GDP per capita in 2017 was € 52,670.
  • The American dedicates 10% of his salary to his shopping basket.
  • In 2017, imports of gourmet products in the US exceeded 2.1 billion US dollars.
  • According to Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook 2017, 43% of millionaires worldwide are North Americans.
  • It is a market that highly values quality and unique product.
  • Olive oil consumption in the United States has grown by 56% in 17 years (from 2000 to 2017 it went from 209 to 326 thousand tons).
  • Sales of America's top olive oil brands in 2015 totaled more than 800 million US dollars.

These would be the main reasons why exporting olive oil exporting olive oil to the US There is undoubtedly an upward trend in exports to this large olive oil importer.

However, we must bear in mind that while we justify the reasons, we also say that to export in general and to the United States in particular, it is necessary to be well trained or well advised by qualified personnel and, above all, with experience in the export of olive oil to this country.

It is a country with demanding customs and security regulations. It is also a country that guarantees the policy aimed at its citizens and this will sometimes make us think that Californian producers are protected and benefited from marketing olive oil.

However, we encourage you that, if you have a good business model that reflects the suitability of this market for your company or brand of oil, do not hesitate to try it, since it is a solid market, with guarantees and a priority for oil. made of olives.


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