5 articles to listen to about professional olive oil tasting

19 Jun, 23 | Olive Oil Consultant

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With the idea of making all the information about the professional tasting of Virgin Olive Oil more enjoyable and accessible, we have optimized our written content with audio. Now you can listen to the ESAO blog articles by clicking on the play button that you will see at the beginning of each post.

Audio articles are portable and great for multitasking. Now you can learn about the olive sector while traveling or working on your computer with other things.

Also aimed at people with visual disabilities and for those who prefer to consume information aurally.

You can read and now also listen to the keys to be a professional taster of virgin olive oil tasting. Try it by clicking the links below and tell us in the comments what you think of this initiative.

Different aspects to take into account to take in an olive oil tasting

Olive Oil Tasting

The Olfactory Sense in Virgin Olive Oil

Types of Olive Oil

Why is sensory analysis important when tasting olive oil ?



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